36th consecutive year!

Registration for the 2016 Ludington Lakestride will be open soon!

Runners head off on the 2014 Fun Run during the Lakestride Friday night activities.

Runners head off on the 2014 Fun Run during the Lakestride Friday night activities.

Packet Pick-up Late, Registration and Final Registration; We’ve moved!
There will be a large tent located in the center of Stearns Park Beach right next to the finish line. This venue will serve as Lakestride Race Central. Stearns Beach Park is a focal point in Ludington, where so many people gather for a number of activities. This is the city’s largest beach, with 2,500 feet of sandy shoreline and plenty of FREE parking. Here you can swim, build a sand castle, and enjoy the view of the Ludington North Breakwater Light or watch Badger Car Ferry as it enters or leaves port. The half-mile walk out to the light is popular among couples, families, and fishermen. Beach patrol officers are on duty from 11am-8pm.

Friday June 10, 5-8PM Lakestride Race Central at the center of Stearns Park Beach.
Saturday June 11, 7-8AM Lakestride Race Central at the center of Stearns Park Beach.

Race Start Times

  • Half Marathon-8:00AM
  • 5K-8:10AM
  • 10K-8:15AM


Awards to the top 3 males/females of the age group. 5k and 10K awards will be given out at the finish line following the conclusion of the race. 1/2 marathon awards will be given at approximately 11:00AM All runners who finish will receive a finisher’s medal specific to the race entered. Top three overall in each event will also receive a beautiful finisher plaque with scenes of Ludington taken by professional photographer Rob Alway.

If you’re doing late registration and want to fill out the form before you get here, click here to get the form.

2014 Race Results
2013 Race Results

2012 Race Results


What runners said about the 2011 event…

“A big thanks to everyone responsible for putting together another great Lakestride event. I have been up many times and have yet to be disappointed…and don’t plan to be. This was my wife’s first ½ marathon, and first time running in Ludington. We both loved it! Thank you for all the time and effort put forth in making Ludington Lakestride one of the best running events in Michigan?”
…Sam and Maggie W.

…I just wanted to let you know that this was by far the most beautiful race I have done so far. The trail part was breathtaking, “Rave Run” from Runners World comes to mind, and the sand dunes and dam that followed were an experience. The weather couldn’t have been better. Overall the race was amazing from start to finish and what a great feeling it is to finish a ½ marathon. Thanks for the adventure, I can’t wait to run it again next year!
… Jill W.

This was my first time running the race (and the half-marathon). What a great race, challenging and beautiful. I sure plan to do it again. The race volunteers did a tremendous job marking the woodland trail. Plenty of water and lots of supporters.
…Todd C.

I want to thank/congratulate you on a well-organized run this past Saturday! Both the race route and the organization around it were excellent in my eyes…Looking forward to doing the Lakestride annually.
…Thomas B.

If you’re a fan of distance running and you’ve never participated in the Ludington Lakestride Half Marathon, you’re missing out. The course is beautiful, the event is well organized and the volunteers are extremely supportive.
…Aaron B.

A huge thank you to Maury and the crew for picking up Lakestride and putting together an awesome race for everyone! It has a great future ahead! This was my third Lakestride and the changes really showed. Congrats to everyone involved and to everyone who ran! Next year can we add some cheerleaders and bands along the route??? And I definitely support the start time mat:) Thanks for the “bling” at the end Maury it helped me recruit one more runner this year!
…Heather V.

It was a wonderful race! I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it again but now I look much forward to next year 🙂
…Amanda H.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to write a quick e-mail.  I signed up for the ½ marathon this year but whimped out and did not run it.  However, I just wanted to let you know how disappointed I am with myself that I didn’t run this year!  I have to tell you how incredibly impressed I am with all of the correspondence you’ve been sending to the participants and keeping them up to date on the event.  I was also so impressed with the fact that all runners received medals this year for their participation.  What an awesome perk for the runners!  And the fact that you had photos taken at different stages of the race and made them available only three days after the race is absolutely fantastic!  I wanted to be sure I let you know that I am quite delighted and impressed with your short tenure at the helm of this race.  You have done a truly wonderful job with this event and I sincerely hope that you continue to lead this event.  Be proud of yourself because I have to believe that many, many others are as well!
…Christine M.

We would just like to thank you and your team for a great event.  We are the Wednesday Walkers from Ann Arbor who have now done this walk for the second year.  It is such a well organized walk through beautiful areas in Ludington State Park. We enjoyed every moment.  We would also like to thank you for the medals.  They are very appreciated and are lovely.  Something to remind us of this accomplishment. We look forward to doing it again.
Great job everyone..
Kathy Fischer

Hoist up the sail , mate…:) That tailwind was delightful and what a way to finish a race. Thanks for sharing Leanna’s story which was truly an inspiration to me. I will always remember, ..”smile for my strength” and “run with endurance the race set before you…”

This race had everything a runner could ask for…. Challenging hills (when you did not expect them), cross country trail that really kept you on your toes (literally), sand dune, flat road work, and don’t let me forget about the views.  Ore freighters, lighthouse, just to name a few.

I finished my race strong and broke a previous 1/2 marathon time at another location by 6 min.
Thanks for an enjoyable journey today!
…David TenCate

A few early images from Lakestride 2011.

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